Spotlight on…Blockchain & Financial Markets

Hear unique insight on how financial market innovators are embracing this emerging technology, the potential of distributed ledger on both business processes and technology workflows; and its impact on the eco-system, business models, talent and inter-participant relationships.

How RegTech is Changing Banking

Proponents of regulation technology say it can revolutionise compliance, and the UK is where much of the action is.


5 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Already Transforming the Banking Industry

Having a high-level understanding of the goals big banks are looking to achieve with AI can provide food for thought and inspiration for digital entrepreneurs interested in FinTech.


Editors Picks

FINRA Releases Report on the Rise of...

FINRA has released a white paper outlining recent regulatory technology (RegTech) developments within the securities industry and potential opportunities and implications these technologies may have for broker-dealers. Read more here.

Will Dublin Become Europe’s Regulatory Technology Hub...

When asked to think of the city of Dublin, Regulatory Technology is a concept that probably wouldn’t come to mind. Most people would associate the Irish capital with the emerald green gardens of St Stephens, infectious folk music or even the milky taste of their first Guinness. However, Dublin has emerged as a leading global financial hub and in no sector does this ring truer than that of ‘RegTech’. Read more here.

Is it Time to Reboot Your Cloud...

It’s time for companies to be bolder with their Cloud strategy—going beyond the tactical to think more comprehensively. Read more here. 

The Big Bang of FinTech, RegTech and...

Imagine a capital markets desk of a financial institution where a trader is about to press enter on the keyboard to initiate a market position when a message pops up on the computer screen from a regulatory agency notifying of a compliance violation before the trade is entered. Read more here. 

Bracing for 7 critical changes in fintech

Fintech is maturing and entering a period of rapid change. Companies wondering how they will fit into this new era must first understand the forces that are pushing the changes. Read more here.

Blockchain is gaining speed in the humanitarian...

The technology is still in its early days, yet more than half of social-good blockchain initiatives are estimated to impact beneficiaries by the end of this year. Read more here.

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